Our Services

Colorado Contract Cut & Sew is a production facility and, like others, we typically start with production once a product is ready to go and has been properly tested. If you have a hard pattern, even multiple sizes, we’re ready to help! We do everything from sewing, clip tags, die-cut, bias and straight cutting for binding and heat seal press for labels. We do not specialize in prototyping and sampling but once completed, we can get your product into production.


Factories in China tend to set high minimum order quantities (MOQ), with requirements to fill a 20 foot container. China also requires fabric minimums of approximately 3,000 yards per color, which can be difficult if a particular product utilizes several fabrics. All of these quantities are something to be mindful of when considering production in China. In the meantime, I think your best option is to produce in the United States so that you can test the market with your new product.  Although your margins may be tighter, the minimums are lower, making it easier to make changes to your concept as you receive customer feedback.

Smaller Run Productions

  • Prototypes (1-10 units) = Charge by the hour ($75/hr)

  • 11-49 units = 3 times the quoted price

  • 50-99 units = 2 times the quoted price

  • 100-249 units = 1.3 times the quote price

  • 250+ units = Quoted Volume Price