Company Info

Corporate Philosophy

Our goal is to provide a high level of service, quality and on-time delivery so that our clients can exceed the demands of a competitive marketplace. We view business relationships as long-term partnerships and as such we work to improve the production process and lower production costs wherever possible.
Our attention to the details and logistics of production allows our customers more time to focus on design, marketing, sales and distribution of their products. This produces a “win-win” for both of us.

We are well aware of what it takes to survive as a manufacturing contractor and we are committed to working with companies who value our expertise, quality and service.

Time Study

The key to successful pricing and production scheduling is the time study. We devote significant resources to ensure that our time studies are accurate in order to project balanced lines and work scheduling. Our time studies ensure that you receive an accurate price and that we will be able to schedule your production for an on-time delivery.


Production at a high quality is a requirement of manufacturing and a criteria upon which we pride ourselves. Our total efforts are dedicated toward manufacturing products “on spec” with “zero-defects.”